2017 Spring Faculty Meeting_3/21/2017

Spring Faculty Meeting Agenda Tuesday, March 21, 3:00-5:00 p.m. Wyoming Union Ballroom 1. Welcome and overview of agenda – President Nichols 2. Strategic enrollment plan – Provost Miller and Rose Martinelli 3. Strategic planning update – Provost Miller 4. Program review update – Provost Miller 5. Review of legislative session – Vice President Boswell 6. FY18 budget reduction plan & Wyoming Excellence Fund update – President Nichols, Vice President Mai, Associate Vice President Jewell 7. Huron contract update and new dashboards – Associate Vice President Jewell 8. Sexual Assault Campaign – Associate Dean Blackburn 9. Update on administrative searches a. Chief Diversity Officer – Associate Dean David Jones b. VP Research – Dean Pishko c. VP Student Affairs – Dean Lutz d. Dean, Haub School – Provost Miller 10. Questions and Open Discussion